IP Address Details

Full IP address analysis: base conversion, geolocation, class, reverse hostname etc.

Base information

IP address
Version 4
Class C
Mapped from IPv4 to IPv6 ::ffff:

IANA Special-Purpose Registry

Address Block
Purpose Deprecated (6to4 Relay Anycast)
Available hosts 256


Default, human-readable format
Integer format 3 227 018 239
Minimum Integer IP value 0
Maximum Integer IP value 4 294 967 295
Binary representation (Base 2) 11000000 01011000 01100011 11111111
Octal representation (Base 8) 300 130 143 377
Decimal representation (Base 10) 192 088 099 255
Hexa-decimal representation (Base 16) C0 58 63 FF


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